Thoughts on storytelling and the world of animation. Caution! SPOILERS!

An explanation

(Please don’t count this as an offical Blog #1.  This is just an introduction and a test post to make sure the site is functional and readable.)

This blog has undergone a complete change and transformation as I switch its use from one course to another.  Gone are my ramblings and links regarding history, computers, and digital innovations.  My new professor just isn’t interested.  Well, she might be, but she really wants to read my thoughts and theories on animation.  And since that’s ALL she wants from me she’s going to get it in spades from sheer relief at not having to write another paper after the madness that was my 499 synthesis course.  That’s right.  This semester, I will be blogging about the history of animation.  I have turned several people green with envy just at the course title.

I swear this really fits in with my interests.  I have written multiple papers on the history of film over the years, and have always been in love with old movies.  I know about Norma Shearer’s acting Achilles heel and John Wayne’s real name.  I have drooled over gowns in 1930’s films and adore Kathrine Hepburn’s jaw clenching grace.  I have a silly grin on my face whenever I watch Arsenic and Old Lace, not the least of which is because Cary Grant is running around yelling “Elaine! Elaine!”  I also have a fair amount of knowledge and understanding of film creation due to my previous job as a video editor, and appreciate the creativity with which they designed  special effects, and even basic effects that are so common today that most viewers are no longer aware of them.   However, my knowledge of animation is limited.  I never really branched into that area, although I seem to know quite a bit about Walt Disney, so I can’t wait to add this genre my knowledge base.  So, yes, my reasons for signing up for this course are well founded.

That said, I am looking forward to this class!  There is a lot of energy and excitement among the students in the class, which really helps balance out my day.

Now, bring on the dancing penguins!

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