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Useful Tool: Google Reader Bundle

My Digital Past professor created something similar last semester and I found it really useful in reading other student blogs.  I’m nosy AND lazy.  I want to read everybody’s blogs, plus have a single place to go and see if someone has posted, so I created a History of Animation blog bundle using Google Reader.

If you have a Google account (you do if you use gmail) then you can access this tool.  (It’s free and easy to sign up and then addictive when you discover Google Books and Google Scholar and Google Translator and Google Docs and . . . ) It compiles RSS feeds from blogs and web sites into a single site so you don’t spend half the day scrolling through your bookmarks checking to see if someone has posted.  Just click on the link above and click subscribe and you should be able to access all the links listed on the HIST 389 students link.

I figured since it took me an hour or so to set up I should at least share it with everyone.  This is the first time I’ve done something of the sort so I’m not actually sure if it works for others.   Not all of the blogs offered a RSS feed so I had to create one using a free third party program, so I’m not even sure how well THAT works yet.

2/10/12 Update: I made some changes to this on Friday evening, so if you accessed it beforehand, the link above is now a newer version. Is anyone else having problems accessing Ken Navarro’s blog?

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