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Stop Motion Animation Strut

Don’t forget – animations are due Tuesday!

If you’re doing Stop Motion and still struggling to find a program that works, I have a recommendation.  I downloaded five or six programs trying to get one that did what I needed without a lot of fuss or a lot of  crashing, but Frames turned out to be the winner.  They have a 30 day free trial with access to all features, but the price isn’t horribly expensive.  I’m tempted to buy it, because I had a LOT of fun with my project, which was a Steampunk Clockwork Dancer in a train-travelling circus-like show.

The doll is a Japanese Obitsu, with over 20 points of articulation.  I can’t help it, I love articulated dolls, and of my collection, she was the best for holding poses and ‘moving’ naturally.  To justify my collection, I used her for the project.  Now I can use her as an excuse to buy or make more in my quest for the perfect doll to use to create my animation empire.  I wigged her, painted her face, and made her costume.  Please post yours, as I’m nosy and want to see what everybody did!

I wrote about her on my personal web site if you’re interested.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Motion Animation Strut

  1. The music was perfect! Definitely very music-box like.

  2. Elaine, I loved it! It was lovely! You did a beautiful job with the doll and the articulated moves were very detailed. My son and I worked together on mine because I am NOT technically savvy…I got permission from the Prof. to use his help. We did not have toys with so many articulation points, as I have 3 sons, we used VERY manly action figures instead 🙂 I developed the story, posed the guys, took the photos (so I know how much work stop action is) but he used the serious program we bought for him, Adobe After Effects to compile the work, so it looks pretty cool, I think. I will be posting it sometime this weekend…

    • elaineziman on said:

      Can’t wait to see it! I was in my 20’s before I saw an undressed 12″ G.I. Joe and realized that he was so much more flexible than a Barbie! Totally unfair. I used Adobe Premiere when I worked at a TV station and was very much missing it while trying to find another useful yet free program.

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