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Random: Well I did ask what was next . . .

In a previous blog post I discussed reshaping actor’s bodies with CGI and wondering where they would go with it.  Turns out CGI took a direction I didn’t think of.

Have you heard about the dead rap artist Tupac ‘appearing’ on stage during the Coachella Festival?  People were calling it a hologram, but it was an old fashioned stage trick involving mirrors, a mylar screen, and some impressive CGI screen projections.  Check out the video below.  It’s technically safe-for-work, but there’s an awful lot of beeping going on.


As far as I can tell from the first article I posted, this is ALL CGI. If that’s the case, the detail is AMAZING. The shadows, the movement of the cloth as he struts about on stage, and his dancing are all fantastically realistic. It had the added bonus of being TOTALLY unexpected by the crowd, and causing quite the emotional and internet stir. I for one am hugely impressed. So much can be done with this technology!

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2 thoughts on “Random: Well I did ask what was next . . .

  1. oliviacgreen on said:

    This kind of technology is completely incredible. Looking at the image straight on really makes it seem 3D. You can tell when the camera swings to the left that Tupac is flattened out a bit. If this type of CGI is available now, I can’t wait to see what pops up in the future.

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