Thoughts on storytelling and the world of animation. Caution! SPOILERS!

animations in commercials

Apparently she’s been out for a while, but  I’ve only just noticed.  Mars, the makers of M&Ms, have been using anthropomorphic candies in their commercials, each one getting a different personality.  They finally gave one to Brown M&M.  She is, of course, the nerdy girl, with dull “clothing” and glasses.  I’m still debating about whether or not she’s nerdy or snobby, it’s a little hard to tell.  Maybe she’s trying to be hipster?  At first glance she screams nerdy, though, especially when you compare her to Green M&M, whose personality plays on the ‘green M&Ms are an aphrodisiac’ rumor.

Animated characters in commercials have been around for a very long time.  In fact, many cereals are sold using animated characters like the Trix Rabbit, Tony the Tiger, or Snap, Crackle, and Pop.   Characters like these were created just for the purpose of selling products.   The ads are appealing to children and usually have a simple, easy to remember jingle to keep it stuck in your head, a subliminal way to get you to buy products.

From time to time you do see animated stars from TV shows or movies appearing in a commercial, like Fred Flintstone selling Fruity Pebbles.  Do they still make those?  Or was the cereal created/named to give Fred something to sell?  It’s pretty common to see celebrities sell goods, so why not animated ones?

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