Thoughts on storytelling and the world of animation. Caution! SPOILERS!


Another ‘movie I’ve only seen once that people usually ignore’ that I decided to rewatch is Disney’s Tarzan.

First, I was shocked that Disney killed . . . a baby.  Gorilla.  Off screen, of course.  But I guess it had to happen for the story to proceed, along with the (also off screen) deaths of Tarzan’s parents.

Secondly, I was also surprised that Phil Collin’s “You’ll Be In My Heart” appeared in the film, and it turns out he wrote it for Tarzan, along with all the other songs in the film.  I still hear this on the radio, but had no idea it came from this movie.  Did you?

Thirdly, Jane is adorable.  I wish I could somehow dub her Princess of the Jungle so she could get more official attention.  She’s smart yet cute in a slightly ditzy way, and unafraid to face new or stressful situations.

Tarzan, too, is complex.  He learns early on that he’ll have to adopt a variety of different habits from his gorilla family if he wants to keep up with them, and so he studies other animals in the jungle, learning how different animals move around the forest, fight, and ‘talk.’  This lifetime of intense study of other species conveniently helps him to interact quickly with Jane and her father.

I also learned that elephants can swim.  You just never really think about them being near bodies of water large enough for them to do so.

I recently watched “John Carter” and was enchanted enough to read the series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who I later discovered also wrote the Tarzan series.  I really need to add it to my reading list.


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